Your Reputation. We WILL make you look good on the web

We can assist your Project Managers to successfully deliver projects

We can manage your project or provide independent audit (Project Assurance/Audit/Support) that not only allows you to be informed of 'real' progress on projects but our Project Management consultants will work WITH your Project Manager (and/or Project Board) to maximise the chances of success for your project. As an example of the co-operative way we perform our audit/assurance roles, on many assignments once our audit/assurance role is completed our Project Managers have been asked to work for the organisation they had just been auditing, which is a good indication that our services were not only greatly valued but that our 'diplomatic' qualities were also appreciated

We can manage your project from inception to completion

We can manage your project and assemble an in-house development team using webQA's resources. Our in-house development team have produced web based applications that are now in use by some of the largest companies and corporations in the world. All were delivered on-time, on-budget and ALWAYS pass though acceptance testing with the minimum of issues/errors and no 'off-specifications'

Application Audits

As more and more devices become internet enabled the more aware you need to be of how your web deployed systems meet this challenge without alienating new users, older users, disabled users, developing world users etc

We have access to extensive facilities that can test web applications against over 40 of the worlds most popular combinations of hardware and software used to access websites. We report the differences in layout and functionality, which gives your staff the opportunity to assess the impact of these differences on your business methods and reputation

To thoroughly test a web application's interfaces is a complex business so our clients for this service fall into the following categories:

  • large corporation whose reputations are paramount
  • financial and legal service providers (if a website contains errors confidence in the owner is eroded) also some website errors cause text and buttons to disappear for some users, if these features are relied on to convey legally binding information their absence can be catastrophic for the client
  • Federal and State Governments where information must be accessible to all

Reputation Analysis and Cleansing (do you need to get yourself hidden?)

How does your corporation appear on the web? Are you using Facebook and other social media appropriately? How to respond to negative 'postings'? Do you know the privacy issues and access loopholes embedded in many of the world's most popular social media tools?

We have a team of expert analysts who can complete a comprehensive audit of your corporation's presence on the internet and advise on steps to correct problem areas and potential security/privacy breaches. We also offer this service to individuals who also may need incorrect/unfair/unwelcome exposure removed and/or managed (please note webQA have a strict ethics policy)

Search Engine Optimisation (do you need to get yourself seen?)

You may have the most innovative website in the world but if no-one can find it via a search engine it may as well be invisible. Search engine optimisation improves your rankings in search engines such as Google and Bing

We can analyse your web presence and manage an SEO campaign using our 'website positioning' development team

Retro-fitting SEO to an existing website is a very costly exercise so we always recommend that clients utilise our 'website positioning' team when deploying any new web based application or commissioning any website (large or small)


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