Project delivery, on time, on budget

Our management staff are experienced in managing large complex web projects - so if you want to maximise your chances of your project working for your company, delivered on time and on budget - contact us

We have successfully managed projects currently deployed with many internationally renowned clients. We regularly work with many large, and not so large, corporations and government agencies

Our senior staff all have decades of experience managing large mainframe/traditional projects and it is these skills that we bring to the no less complex world of internet deployed systems

What our staff will bring to you:
  • Real Results - we bring a level headed approach to application development. So if you're looking for hopeless optimism look elsewhere. Our staff will give you the real picture

  • Quality - a total commitment to quality standards, practical procedures and sound, effective project management/development methodologies such as Prince2® and RAD/Agile

  • Technical know-how - people who are technically minded enough to know when a proposed solution/package is not a practical way forward

  • Business Awareness - people who are fully conversant with the needs of business and can balance these pressures to deliver projects in step with the needs of the business and marketing groups

  • Professionalism - staff of the highest integrity, unwilling to sacrifice quality and staff well-being to meet an unrealistic deadline

We specialise in:
  • Project Assurance - we'll provide the right level of guidance for your existing project manager(s). This can be a permanent Assurance role or even an occasional consultancy whereby we visit and effectively audit a project on a regular basis to provide a Company/Organisation with an accurate and thoroughly independent picture of progress

  • Project Management - we can take over a project in trouble and get it back on track or we can be there from the start assembling the right team and project controls to get the job done

  • Project Development - if you have an idea for a web based project we can scope it, design it and build it!
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